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Five Star Enterprises ~ Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki, HI
Project: Five Star International Buffet
Five Star Enterprises opened their first buffet in Japan in 2003 and since then have opened two more highly successful buffets and a Korean barbeque all within the Hokkaido prefecture in Japan. All the buffets are over 10,000 square feet and seat approximately 300 guests. Five Star’s owner, Mr. Kato, wanted to open in Waikiki to bring the upscale, large-capacity buffet experience to the U.S. and chose the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center as their ideal location to realize this expansion.
Five Star Enterprises, Inc., hired Prendergast & Associates to advise on all facets of building, designing, staffing, stocking, and opening a restaurant. Seeing as this is their first stateside venture, the Five Star team depends on P & A to skillfully guide them through the many differences in Japanese and American restaurant operations.
Yxta ~ Los Angeles
Project: New Santa Monica Location
Yxta is a destination vanue off Central Ave. en route to Union Station and the Garment District. Proprietor, Jesse Gomez, took his family’s history in Mexican Cuisine and gave it a gourmet twist. As a result, Yxta is a tremendous success despite its slightly under-the-radar location.
When Jesse began thinking of expansion, his interests naturally went to the West Side. A venue went on the market on 4th St. in Santa Monica, and lease negotiations quickly took place to finalize a second venue. Prendergast & Associates was hired to help facilitate said negotiations, and to advise as to the design and development process. Nearing the final planning stages, Jesse hopes to open later in 2011 under a new name with a revised and refreshed menu.
Harold & Belle’s Creole Restaurant ~ Los Angeles
Project: Business and License Transition
Harold & Belle’s has been a Creole institution in LA since 1969. A family-owned and operated restaurant, it is the notable meeting spot for many prominent community leaders in and around the Crenshaw District. Passed down from Grandfather to son, and now to grandson, the venue hopes to continue the tradition it started while also finding ways to grow the business and the brand name.
Prendergast & Associates was asked to assist with the transition of business interests and ownership, including the transfer of equity in the real estate as well as the restaurant operations. This involves all licensing and permitting, and also requires a great deal of analysis around growing the business via potential outside funding sources. Currently, we are working with attorneys and accountants to insure a smooth transition and to best assess the company’s expansion options.
Project partners: Silver & Freedman Attorneys at Law
AMMO ~ Hollywood
Project: Potential Business Expansion
AMMO is a very popular restaurant in the center of Hollywood, attracting a large Studio audience and receiving accolades for its newly-redesigned menu as well as its dessert flair. With a top executive chef and a visionary pastry chef rounding out the team, the proprietor has realized that expansion to the West Side – perhaps to a larger space – might benefit the creative wherewithal in the kitchen. More importantly, the concept could gain an entirely new dining audience and leverage the brand to the success of a second location.
Prendergast & Associates has been working with AMMO since it originally opened and continues to assess restaurant operations. For the potential West Side location, it is working with area brokers to find applicable spaces and to negotiate the best deal for the client.
Capri Investments ~ Los Angeles
Project: Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Food Court Renovation
A flagship center for the South LA area, Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza is undergoing a much-needed facelift. A major component of this renovation is the relocation and replacement of many food court tenants, which will insure a better array of dining options.
Prendergast & Associates was asked to manage a portion of the relocations, and to select the architectural/construction teams to support the transition. A tight, six-week time frame is attached to this project, which will ultimately lead into the addition of a brand new, celebrity-oriented restaurant space adjacent to the new food court.
Project partners: Festival Companies, Griffin Real Estate Management, Wolf Group, House & Robertson Architects.
American Farmhouse ~ Manhattan Beach
Project: Upgrading to New Location
American Farmhouse is a small, family-oriented restaurant in Manhattan Beach. It has a loyal following and cuisine inspired by the California Central Coast agricultural region. However, the location is very intimate and only seats a small number of guests. The owners realized the need for a larger space, in order to serve the demands of the under-served and growing South Bay family dining market.
A location just North of the current venue was selected, and an LOI is in place to assume the lease and begin construction. Prendergast & Associates is serving as project manager and advisor, preparing business plans and working with attorneys on offering memorandums for private investment. Design and construction teams are in process, pending a successful capital raise. The newly-designed American Farmhouse will feature 5,000+ square feet of dining, retail, bar and bakery options and will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
Festival Companies ~ Los Angeles
Project: Tenant Selection
Festival Companies, manager of several retail properties in California, has retained Prendergast & Associates to evaluate both existing and new sites for potential tenants. Current opportunities exist in Los Feliz and Lawndale, the former a vacant space with a Type 41 license and the latter a build-to-suit pad that will be ready for construction in September of 2011. Festival will begin the CUP process for the pad; a Type 47 concept is desired.
Outreach is being conducted with restaurant concepts whose demographic requirements meet those of the specific sites.
Festival Companies ~ Waikiki Beach, Honolulu
Project: Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Pa’ina Lanai Food Court
The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center features a relaxing, open-air food court called the Pa’ina Lanai on their 2nd floor just up from the bustle of the Waikiki’s main drag, Kalakaua Avenue. The Pa’ina Lanai draws visitors with its upscale design and eclectic dining options. It consists of a variety of vendors including local Hawaiian fare, Korean barbecue, ramen, and Chinese food, as well as tacos, pizza and burgers with a unique Hawaiian twist.
Prendergast & Associates, at the request of Festival Companies, has been working with the individual food court vendors to assess their operations and advise on increasing sales and productivity. They are also working with Festival Companies on cosmetic improvements in signage, seating and overall look of the Pa’ina Lanai.
Ted Davenport ~ Waikiki Beach, Honolulu
Project: Five-0 Bar & Lounge
Ted Davenport owns the franchise rights for Ruby Tuesday and Gyu-kaku in Hawai’i as well as holding the master development rights to all Subway shops in the state – making him one of the top franchise owners in Hawai’i. The Five-0 Bar & Lounge, an elegantly designed, open–air bar with a small staging area in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center’s Pa’ina Lanai food court is his first non-franchise venture. The Five-0 Bar & Lounge does not plan to serve food, but will offer menus from the wide-ranging food court establishments. Thus, providing visitors with a variety of take-out priced food in an upscale bar while enjoying live local music.
Prendergast & Associates is working with Ted on coordinating all aspects of the build-out, design, and operations of the Five-0 Bar and Lounge. P & A is also helping Ted to navigate the unique concept of a food court bar.

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